What LifeRing does...


What we do is support clients move from their present state to their desired state.  From being stuck to getting what they want or getting where they want to be.  Life Ring does this through a number of reliable and scientifically proven processes that support each individual client to be their best.  Our mission is to help each client live their best life.  You deserve the best and nothing less!  Let's get started now...


Trudi Read

Founder, LifeRing Coaching

The Life in LifeRing


"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it"

Maya Angelou

Because the human experience is varied for each person, each individual who experiences Life Ring support can count on thorough and a consistent approach in an upbeat and friendly atmosphere.

Experience has taught me that time, tools and tenacity are the three key elements in moving forward to success with ease.

The skill set offered to Life Ring clients is diverse and dynamic.  Keeping abreast of most useful techniques and processes is essential to Life Ring's success.

Trudi is accredited with the Australian Board of NLP.

Accreditation and Experience

Trudi is qualified in many different fields and practices CBT, NLP, EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Meditation, Chair Yoga, Trigger Point Therapy, Reiki,  and is an experienced master teacher.  She works with clients of all ages from children, teenagers, young adults, adults seniors.  Individualised programs are developed for each Life Ring client.  





Trudi has many years experience in the coaching & education field with an array of accrediations and qualifications.

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Masters in Education (Leadership)

Masters in Education (Religion)

Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education

Graduate Certificate in RE

Diploma of Life Coaching

Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner Diploma

Coaching Foundations Certificate

Workplace Training and Assessment Trainer and Assessor

Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment

IVHHD Certificate in Trigger Point Therapy - November 2014

IVHHD Certificate in Creative Expression Therapy - November 2014

IVHHD Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development - July 2014

IVHHD Certificate in Chair Yoga Instruction - July 2014

IVHHD Certififcate in Holistic Counselling - July 2014

Modules completed in the above Certificates:

  • Foundations Studies in Mediation
  • Stress; Understanding Cause & Effect
  • Foundations of Human Happiness
  • Tools for Healing
  • Meditation Styles and Techniques
  • Teaching Skills
  • Working with Specific Groups
  • Counselling & Coaching Skills
  • Running Classes and Workshops
  • Corporate and Community Settings
  • Small Business Management
  • Marketing Skills





Interested in working together? Here's our contact info.


145 Meurants Lane
Glenwood, NSW 2768
(Sydney) Australia

Mon – Sun by appointment

T: +61 0405 100 700
E: trudiread@yahoo.com.au

Skype: trudiread


A Genuine Snapshot


LifeRing maintains a regular client base. They have generously provided kind words of encouragement that you may ponder before taking the first steps towards a better you. I'm always excited and I want you to be excited as well.


Trudi-Ann is a gifted Life Coach. She has a heart of gold and genuinely desires the absolute best for every client. Trudi has a unique gift of being able to stretch or motivate her clients to step out of their comfort zone, believe in themselves and achieve their goals. I would not hesitate to recommend Trudi, to anyone seeking to make a change in their life and needing some help.  Chenille

I have had the pleasure of knowing Trudi-Ann Read in several capacities, teaching and working together on a mutual project together. Trudi has many special qualities which I would like to outline. Trudi is very innovative in her thinking and approach to life's challenges, she is extremely caring and genuinely wants the best for you. She is extremely inspirational and is easily able to motivate you to achieve what every goal you may have. If you're looking for a life coach, then Trudi will have your best interests at heart and work hard to achieve your success.  She helped me!  Lissa

We have even been fortunate to benefit from some life coaching and strategic goal setting sessions ourselves and Trudi has helped us shape our business plan and principles. Take a leap of faith - follow that dream - overcome that challenge. Time waits for no man and I can promise with Trudi to help steer the ship the world is truly your oyster. Dream big! Pia

Trudi has an amazing talent for connecting with people and helping them focus on what is truly important in life. Her passion and enthusiasm for helping people grow is infectious. Her heart is huge - she is so giving and generous and always works to create a positive difference for everyone who is around her. Trudi is authentic, caring and committed. Jeremy

Being a teenager struggling with showing and achieving my potential both academically and in my sporting endeavours, it was suggested that Trudi at 'LifeRing' may be able to help.

Trudi is a really nice lady and made me feel comfortable straight away. She has helped me a massive amount in providing strategies I can apply. In just a few sessions I feel more confident in believing in my abilities and that it's ok to show others what I can do without worrying about being judged, which was holding me back.

I am so glad that I came along and am looking forward to a few more sessions. 


I had a session with Trudi which included the circle of excellence and she absolutely amazing, easy to get along with and the tools that she uses is really powerful. After the session I felt really empowered and was in a better mindset which has had massive impact in my career. Thank you again Trudi! - Jason

I can truly recommend Trudie from LifeRing who helped me enormously with my teenage daughter. I found the strategies very beneficial and the support fantastic. - Amanda

Trudi works from the heart with great skill, passion and experience. Her confidential nature, commitment to ongoing education in her field and dedication to her clients is exceptional! There are no 'cookie cutter' solutions at LifeRing. Each clients experience and program is tailored individually to their needs, based on in-depth sessions to build a complete profile, and with a solid focus on ensuring they move forward in life and achieve their goals - more than achieve, they will THRIVE!